Kettlebell training

6 week kettlebell training program

Kettlebells are a fantastic way to train the whole body, producing incredible results! In fact they pack a whopping 20 calories per minute burn rate! 

The kettlebell is a weight with a handle, with an off-centre of gravity that challenges you like no other weight training equipment.

This plan offers an exceptionally effective conditioning program targeting the core and particularly strengthening abdominals, shoulder/back, hips, legs and bums using only one piece of equipment giving maximum results in minimum time.

I've designed it to be 6 weeks as it can be continued to 12 weeks if you're happy with the results you're seeing. I would strongly recommend a minimum of 6 weeks to start seeing positive change. 

A few questions I am asked regularly: 


This will be tailored around you and your fitness level. I would never want to suggest someone picks up a kettlebell for the first time and smashes a one-hour session as you will certainly feel it for the next few days. 

I'd suggest starting off at around 30 - 45 mins

However, if you've used weights or a kettlebell before we can start you off at between 45 mins - 1 hour. 

After the first or second week, if you start to feel more confident we can increase this up to a full one-hour session.


Week one, two & three - we'll start out at three times a week.

Followed by week four, five & six - increasing that to four days during the week.

We'll schedule all the sessions up front - ahead of time - to ensure we meet the above plan.


I'll be honest in order to see results and get your money's worth you need to commit to the plan.

It will be hard work, there is no two ways about it - but if you meet the milestones of each weeks schedule you will see results you want!


It's one of my core fitness pillars and I bang on about it across all my services! It's starts with what you put in your body.

If you're committing and forking out for a training program you need to be mindful about what foods you are putting away. Good nutrition is the foundation to any exercise program. 

Check out my blogs if you're unsure about where to start with improving your nutrition. I can also work with you as part of the program to give nutrition guidance. 


To start with you don't need to purchase anything. I have all the necessary kettlebells and equipment to bring with me to your training session.

If you decide you'd like to continue after the course and wish to purchase your own, I can advise on best places to buy - just let me know.


1. Your consultation

Before we begin lifting ANY kettlebells we will need to have a chat about what it is you're looking to achieve, your experience to date with weightlifting and your current lifestyle/routine.

Once we've established your current situation we can plan ahead and outline a schedule that suits you and your needs.

2. Tailored training plan

Your workouts will be specially created to get the results you want in a realistic amount of time. I'll be helping you get to grips with your training exercises, as we go along. I’ll ensure you are shown the proper form and technique and at every stage we'll reassess your program to keep you on track.

3. Custom nutrition plan

To complement your training I’ll also design a nutritional plan for you. This will take into account any intolerance or dietary issues you may have. To get the body you want, your diet MUST run alongside your fitness training – so I’ll suggest some broad guidelines to make things easier.

4. Regular check-ins, even when we're not training...

We’ll be catching up regularly, even when i'm not at your chosen location training with you. As i'll want to keep you motivated and on track to hit those targets. So know that you'll be seeing and hearing from me quite a bit - because it's a journey we'll take together.

6 Week Kettlebell Program

Initial Consultation
Introduction to the Kettlebell
Establishing the correct size and weight
Nutrition plan
Pre-booked sessions over 6 week period
The knowledge to continue solo training
20 sessions in total
24/7 support


I love the convenience of home training. I'll often be really tired and moody after work, in the past that meant going to bed instead of going to the gym. Steph is always positive and patient, I feel so much better after exercise, tired muscles but mentally re-energised. The affect on my mood is the biggest benefit for me. I've already recommended a friend and he starts with Steph in the new year."