Hybrid Personal Training

Hybrid Personal Training is a mix of online personal training and home or gym based personal training. It gives you the ability to train around a schedule that suits you.

You can have as many Personal Training, face-to-face sessions as you’d like – based on the below packages.*

Alongside those face to face sessions you will also receive access to our First Rate Fitness app with custom program design, weekly check-ins, and monthly recipe inspiration to keep you inspired and motivated.

Hybrid Personal Training is designed for the motivated gym-goer, someone who has taken up Personal Training before. If you're new to Personal Training fear not - take a look at my gym-based or home-based training services.

What makes Hybrid Personal Training unique is unlike home or gym-based training, where you’ll be seeing me on a regular basis, this style of training will involve being set a program that you can work around your lifestyle, whilst having the odd session, or a check-in with me.

*I also offer a £25 bolt-on, should you wish to add another session to the package.

Pricing packages

The packages have been designed to accommodate different budgets and different levels of need for one-on-one personal training.  

I couldn't fit personal training in regularly, and struggled to stay motivated just going to the gym on my own. I needed some support but on terms that suited me and my hectic job. Stephan was great and really worked around me. We were able to come up with a program that I could fit into my day-to-day - he is a lovely gentleman and very easy to get on with.