Gym Personal Training

Alongside Hybrid Personal Training, I also offer Gym Personal Training.

Giving you full access to a wider selection of top of the range gym equipment to maximise each workout. 

Why Gym Personal Training?

We've all walked into the gym on a Monday morning and stared around the room thinking 'where the hell do i start!' With a Personal Trainer in your corner you not only get to reap the rewards of an array of equipment, but you have the expertise and guidance to have a focused session every time. 

It will also keep you in check!

Let's face it, we all lay in bed thinking - 'tomorrow, i'll definitely go!' At least working with a Personal Trainer you will have already arranged your appointment, so you’ll have committed to turning up – that way your behaviour more often than not will follow your intentions! I find with a number of my clients - most of the time simply booking in with me can be enough to motivate them to show up.

You can head down to Puregym Castle Marina, Nottingham to see me in person and arrange a consultation, or get in touch below.

Pure Gym Castle Marina, Nottingham

Don't make it up as you go-along

If you don’t plan your workout, the chances are, you’re not going to have a good workout. A good PT will have your session planned out for you in advance, and it won’t be any old 'templated' plan found off the internet, it will be an exercise regime that makes sense to your lifestyle, ability and time restraints.

The research is taken care of!

If you’re into health and fitness, and we assume you are as otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. You’ve probably been exposed to a wealth of knowledge from all different types of sources over the years. The job of a Personal Trainer is to stay on top of all the latest trends and decide which ones are right and relevant for you!

Do more in less time!

When you’re training yourself, and even if you have a set plan in place, it can be hard to push it to the next level. A Personal Trainer on the other hand, will turn your workout up a gear or two as and when they see you getting ‘comfy’ - or the results slowing down!

Whatever your personal goals are a Personal Trainer will get you there. More specifically I will get you there!

Pricing Packages

We understand the need to be flexible with Personal Training pricing.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to training packages. With that in mind we've created options to give an initial idea, but hopefully we can discuss in more detail at our first consultation - as we'll need to ensure the frequency is in alignment with your goals and expectations.